Using MS-Access 2003 menu bars in MS-Access 2007 without Ribbons

You can think about Ribbons whatever you want but if I just want to allow users with Access 2007 to use an Access front end like they did with Access 2003, I don’t want to create Ribbons instead of the menu bars.

Therefore, I was looking for a solution that allows me to still use my menu bars in Access 2007 wihout the “Add-In” Ribbon. Finally I found this solution:

A2003: “Tools” / “Startup” / “Allow Built-in Toolbars”

select your menu bar in “Menu Bar”

A2007: “Office Button” / Button “Access-Options” / “Current Database” / “Ribbon and Toolbar Options” / “Allow Default Shortcut Menus”

select your menu bar in “Menu Bar”

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