Spring is comming

and not only the weather is getting nicer. Last week troii attended the Springsource S2G Forums in Munich to get some updates on current Springsource activities – and boy, there is a lot of great stuff going on there!

While Grails development is really making progress with version 1.3 just around the corner it is also nice to see the ongoing improvements to Spring Roo. The talks in Munich showed how “unintrusive” Spring Roo can be used and I really like the concept of just being around on compile time and not at runtime.

Other very interesting projects out of the Spring context are Spring Integration and Spring batch. We had a nice presentation of these two projects and how they work together last week in Linz at our eJUG event. Mark Fisher and David Syer did a great introduction and I got some ideas where we could use these projects in our products like timr.

We already upgrade all the projects we are currently working on to Spring 3 – which was not to hard. I am really looking forward to use the features this new version provides, especially in the MVC area.

Using MS-Access 2003 menu bars in MS-Access 2007 without Ribbons

You can think about Ribbons whatever you want but if I just want to allow users with Access 2007 to use an Access front end like they did with Access 2003, I don’t want to create Ribbons instead of the menu bars.

Therefore, I was looking for a solution that allows me to still use my menu bars in Access 2007 wihout the “Add-In” Ribbon. Finally I found this solution:

A2003: “Tools” / “Startup” / “Allow Built-in Toolbars”

select your menu bar in “Menu Bar”

A2007: “Office Button” / Button “Access-Options” / “Current Database” / “Ribbon and Toolbar Options” / “Allow Default Shortcut Menus”

select your menu bar in “Menu Bar”

pocket.at launcher available in BlackBerry App World

Yesterday the launcher we developed for blackberry.pocket.at was approved for the BlackBerry App World and it is now available for free download via this App World link.

A launcher like this provides an easy to use entry point for users interested in the news provided by blackberry.pocket.at. Additionally BlackBerry users browsing the BlackBerry App World will eventually find the launcher in the News & Information section which will generate new visitors for blackberry.pocket.at.

If you own a web site providing content and information and you want to provide it in an optimized way to BlackBerry users feel free to contact us!