With timr we offer a new system that will revolutionize the time tracking in your company. Create new unmatched transparency of the accomplished activities. Please use the demo-access for timr at timr.com

Timr is adaptable for various target groups (for example accountants, lawyers, management consultants, freelancers…).

timr Screenshot

Due to the current capturing of your activities time costing thinking about your activities afterwards is avoided. Your records become more exact and you stop giving away your efforts.

BlackBerry screenshot

By using timr from your cellphone your time tracking becomes mobile wherever you are. No further synchronization to any servers is needed. Because of that you’ll get a gapless time tracking and more billable time. Not only the project times and working times can be tracked mobile, timr offers you also a Drive Log, which relieves the billing of business trips for example.


  • working time tracking (including various activities like business trips)
  • project or task time tracking
  • position tracking
  • logbook
  • expense allowing billing
  • overview of the current activities of employees
  • always latest evaluations
  • interfaces to other systems are adaptable individually (PM tools, ERP…)