Migration to git

Thomas Einwaller
10. Mai 2011

Over the last months we slowly migrated most of our projects from Subversion repositories to git repositories.

Some team members were using git-svn for nearly two years now on almost every project. git-svn allowed a smooth migration without the need for a hard switch and we recommend it to everybody who is interested in trying git.

Switching completely to git for a project for us means that we still have a „central“ git repository on our main development server. This repository is used by the continues integration server and for pulling code to build releases.  Developers mostly push their local changes directly into that „central“ repository.

To manage those central repositories we use gitolite which is really great. It basically is a git repository to manage git repositories and permissions to them. Atlassian Fishey, which we use for visualizing commits, supports git to.

Using git improves development performance a lot because its small footprint on the whole development process. It is really makes using source code management tools fun again.

If you are interested in git and want to use it for your own development process contact us, we can help you getting started!