The Ulitimate Java Build System

Thomas Einwaller
27. Mai 2009

Lately we found this post on the Sonatype Blog titled: The Ulitimate Java Build System. They quote Christopher Judd who writes:

“Now after all these years, I think I found the right solutions for Enterprise Java Builds. The solution involves 5 open source projects: Maven, Subversion, Hudson, Nexus, Sonar.”

And we are happy to say that we think the same! These are the components we use to build our Java applications (timr, BVW, manuality).

The IDE of choice that works best for us with these build system components is: Eclipse + Mylyn + Subversive + m2eclipse

We also have well defined rules on how to use these components together to create the most optimized development workflow. Contact us if you are interested in taking your Java development to the next level.

At the moment we are working on best practices for an equal build system for .NET with C# and C++ (managed/unmanaged) – so stay tuned for updates.