Wappwolf iOS App Update

Mario Breid
4. Januar 2012

The new Wappwolf iOS App is now available on the iTunes App Store. It was redesigned in order to match the shiny new Wappwolf web application. It also offers a better user experience since we’ve added some caching mechanism into it which makes the app more responsive.

With the Wappwolf App you can automate your files on the go. E.g. you can use the App to simply fax a file, you could use it to send a document via snail mail which then gets automatically printed and mailed so you don’t have to print it yourself and you don’t have to bring the letter to your next post office. The Wappwolf App is also very powerful for picture processing because you could use the App and the Wappwolf Service to share your pictures among social networks or simply store them in your dropbox.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to congratulate the whole Wappwolf Team for their latest success with Dropbox Automator which is based on Wappwolf, well done guys!

You can find the App on the iTunes App Store